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Journey Miracle Plate Diamond Earrings

Rs. 52,060 Rs. 41,648

Style No C014836

Brilliant Waves Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 26,533 Rs. 21,226

Style No C014821

Merry Marqui Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 24,568 Rs. 19,654

Style No C014818

Triplets Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 18,791 Rs. 15,033

Style No C014808

The Trio Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 14,714 Rs. 11,771

Style No C014805

Cuddles Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 27,308 Rs. 21,846

Style No C014802

Swim the Tide Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 25,129 Rs. 20,103

Style No C014800

Pear Me Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 18,066 Rs. 14,453

Style No C014797

Promise of Infinity Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 20,545 Rs. 16,436

Style No C014793

Twin Blossoms Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 28,628 Rs. 22,902

Style No C014791

Hooked Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 20,015 Rs. 16,012

Style No C014789

Carl Platinum Band for Him

Rs. 28,019

Style No CP00258

Adam Platinum Band for Him

Rs. 37,119

Style No CP00199

Ellie Platinum Band for Her

Rs. 21,074

Style No CP00196

Carol Platinum Ring for Her

Rs. 11,974

Style No CP00102

Scott Platinum Ring for Him

Rs. 23,948

Style No CP00100

Candere – Online partner of Kalyan Group

Since its inception in 2013, Candere has come a long way, from being an e-commerce start up to partnering with Kalyan Group in 2017. In the last 4 years, Candere has grown in length and breadth to owning a catalogue of 5000+ diamond jewellery as well as gold jewellery products and a steadily increasing list of valued customers in India and across the world. With the advent of Kalyan Jewellers, we hope to provide you with an experience that we leave no gap between the worlds of online shopping and retail.

Ease of Online Jewellery Shopping

So you think you are spoilt for choice and making that final decision is becoming a bit tough; we’ve got filters to the rescue. You can filter jewellery on the basis of factors like: size of diamond, price, setting style, number of stones, weight of gold, karat of gold and carat of diamond and lots more! Leaves no scope for confusion when your choices are shortlisted for you!

Certified jewellery Online

When you spend your ‘hard-earned’ money on a luxury item, why would you want to leave any stone unturned in assuring satisfaction and peace of mind for your purchase? Candere never sells even a single piece of jewellery without proper and valid certification from the most trustworthy certifying labs and bodies. You trust us, we trust them: GIA, IGI, BIS.

EMI on your favourite Diamond & Gold Jewellery Designs

Who ever thought of saving a few thousands on Equated Monthly Installment that too on your precious jewellery purchase? Well, Candere gives you the liberty to buy the jewellery you love, with plan and purchase that allows you to buy jewellery at your convenience at zero interest.